October 15, 2011

Intro Guitar Class starting 10/25

We're happy to announce that Paul P. will be leading an Intro to Guitar class starting 10/25!  The class is designed to help students with little or no guitar experience learn the basics of how to make music with guitars.  More info below:

Intro to Guitar, led by Paul P.

Schedule: Tuesdays from 6 to 7, starting 10/25 and going til mid/late December.

Location: Room 413 in Atlantic Mills (118 Manton Avenue).  Enter the mill through the door in the left tower, go into the 4th floor, and make a left where the main hallways intersect.     

Teacher Contact: Email pauldparadis@gmail.com with questions

From the teacher: Guitar lessons for beginners. If you've never played but wanted to, this class will get you up and running. Topics covered will include the names of the parts of a guitar, tuning, using the pick, 1st position and open chords.  

Materials needed: Paul can't provide spare instruments, so participants in the class will have to provide their own guitars and picks.   Students might also want a folder for handouts. 


  1. Guitar lessons such as this will help students learn the proper plucking and strumming techniques and chord positions. Some of the greatest mucisians are self-taught, but lessons will strengthen your skills and master the basics.

  2. I agree with the comment. An individual who wants to learn how to play a guitar must learn the basics first. These are the fundamental and the building blocks of playing a guitar.

  3. My friend gifted me a guitar a few months ago. But I still can not play it fine. I think your teacher will help me.