Spaces available for classes

This is an ever-growing list of spaces in which the free school can have classes.

Libertalia Autonomous Space (280 Broadway, 2nd floor; Ripta 27 or 28)
Libertalia is an autonomous space for public initiatives and access to media to support our community's power and encourage dialogue. It is a place where various anti-authoritarian projects may find a home free of charge. Libertalia is the main host and hub of the Free School (including a printer that the Free School can use!), and is more likely to be available in the mornings and later in the evenings (after 8).
Facilities include: wireless internet, one computer, numerous chairs, a couch, tables, a projector, a printer, the Fertilizer Lending Library.
*Note: A significant portion of Libertalia's rent is paid by donations. Participants in classes using Libertalia's space are welcome to donate anything they can, but there is no expectation and no consequences for donating or not donating.

186 Carpenter Street (Ripta 17, 19, 27, 28)
Sometimes known as "The Office," this space was a grocery store and is now home to many artistic events, performances, and other fun community happenings. Facilities include: chairs, a table, a projector, no internet.

Church of the Mediator (50 Rounds Avenue, Ripta 20, 21, 22)
The Church of the Mediator is a Unitarian Universalist congregation that has an attached space for non-religious community activities.