March 13, 2012

Male-bodied Reproductive Health Workshop Sun 3/18

Emma & Chanelle will be leading a workshop on reproductive health for male-bodied folks this Sunday (3/18) at Libertalia, from 11am to 3pm.  People of all bodies, genders, and levels of knowledge are encouraged to attend!  This will be a general introduction to common ailments that afflict male-bodiede people, and the workshop will look at ways of preventing and treating them herbally.  Email Chanelle ( with any questions!

PS There'll be a lunch break, and participants are welcome but not expected to bring a little something for a potluck style meal!

PPS There will be other medical & herbal workshops coming up, including a Street Medic Workshop on 3/23-25 (email to sign up) and Female-bodied Reproductive Health Workshop on 4/1! 


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