March 3, 2012

Poetry Workshop Saturday 3/10

Join us next Saturday (3/10) for a poetry workshop with Robi.  Poets, musicians, writers, and artists of all levels and experience are welcome!  Bring work you've already been working on or come ready to create spontaneously!  More info below, feel free to email us or Robi with any questions!

The Heavy Root of Poetry: Street Theater, Graffiti, Folk Song, Writing and Singing While Walking 
Saturday 3/10, 12-4pm
at Libertalia
led by Robi (
From Robi: Song and poetry gather the voices and stories of a place, carry them, make them at once a monument and an experience, a ritual, a returning and a rapture, carry what has happened to the people in that place, carry the prophecies of those people in that place. This workshop will involve intensive meditation-based writing; a lecture and discussion on giving and receiving poetry within the physical and social architecture of this country: through the community and publicity and protest of graffiti, street theater, folk songs; through the privacy of writing or singing while wandering.


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  2. I am very interested in Poetry Workshop. I am creating music and write some lirics. I would like to join your workshop.

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