February 13, 2012

Updated Course Info

Below is some updated info on upcoming workshops & classes (including one this Sunday)! If you have any questions, feel free to email the facilitators or providence@freeskool.org!

Craft Circle 
Every Friday from 3-7 at Libertalia
Contact: touchthethirdrail@gmail.com
This is a weekly gathering for the crafty-minded, and a great place to work on DIY/DIWO projects ranging from sewing and knitting to woodburning and knots. As time goes on, we'll be arranging skill shares and instructional sessions based on participants interest.

RaFa, RaFa - Cross-cultural interaction & diversity workshop 
Sunday 2/19, 12pm-3pm at Libertalia
led by John
Contact: jmcg02908@verizon.net
This is a one-session stimulating group simulation game designed to help you think about cultural differences through your own experience in the game and through listening to the other game players. It's also fun. This game has worked well in the past for those going to or coming from work or study abroad, people entering or leaving college, people changing jobs or work location, people going into new groups, social change activists and community organizers. And many others. This game is perfectly adaptable to high school, jr high and college classes in social studies, sociology, gender studies, diversity studies, cultural studies, management and other areas.  Join us for 2-2.5 hours, actively participate in the game (but it's not a discussion until the last half-hour), have fun, and learn a great deal. Learn through action!
*If you're interested, please email the Free School or John (jmcg02908@verizon.net) and let us know, so we know how many people to expect!

The Heavy Root of Poetry: Street Theater, Graffiti, Folk Song, Writing and Singing While Walking 
Saturday 3/10, 12-4pm
at Libertalia
led by Robi
Contact: rsnyderm@gmail.com
Song and poetry gather the voices and stories of a place, carry them, make them at once a monument and an experience, a ritual, a returning and a rapture, carry what has happened to the people in that place, carry the prophecies of those people in that place. This workshop will involve intensive meditation-based writing; a lecture and discussion on giving and receiving poetry within the physical and social architecture of this country: through the community and publicity and protest of graffiti, street theater, folk songs; through the privacy of writing or singing while wandering.

Male Bodied Reproductive Health Workshop 
Sunday 3/18, 11am-3pm
led by Chanelle & Emma
Contact: cabbiee@gmail.com
A four-hour workshop on the male body. Anatomy, physiology, predicaments, & herbal remedies! ALL BODIES WELCOME & ENCOURAGED TO COME!!!

Female Bodied Reproductive Health Workshop 
Sunday 4/1, 11am-3pm
at 186 Carpenter Street
led by Chanelle & Emma

Contact: cabbiee@gmail.com

A four-hour workshop on the female body. The female body has consistently been misunderstood & disempowered, it is a mysterious yet practical place. We will untangle the anatomy & physiology, discuss various ailments one may encounter, & how to treat them herbally. ALL BODIES WELCOME & ENCOURAGED TO COME!!!

Making Skeletons Dance (Family Memoir Workshop)
Sundays 3/18 - 4/8, 4-6pm
at 186 Carpenter Street
led by Adrian
Contact: adrian.shirk@gmail.com
An exercise-based writing workshop about family myths & folktales. For people interested in memoir, mythology, geneaology, and good story telling, we'll conduct writing experiments, read selections, and come away with lots of new material to work on in the future.

20 Hour Street Medic Training 
Friday 3/23, Saturday 3/24, & Sunday 3/25
at the Blood Drive Coop (745 Branch Avenue)
led by Greg
Contact: cabbiee@gmail.com
Street Medics are folks who go to political protests (marches, occupations, and other direct actions) prepared to provide medical assistance. This is the standard training for folks of all experience levels who wish to identify themselves as Street Medics. This will be a weekend-long workshop, meeting for several hours a day over 3 days. ***The facilitators for this are traveling from Ithaca, NY, and are asking for a sliding scale of $20-$60 to cover their travel costs and supplies. This is the best deal you'll get on this kind of training!***


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