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Check out the course descriptions below and contact facilitators to let them know you'd like to join their class. Some classes may be contingent on having a certain number of sign-ups so it helps to let facilitators know you're interested!

Course Listings:

Community Organizing 

A forum to talk about organizing, leadership skills, civic engagement, social media as a tool for organizing, nonviolence, and other topics as generated by the group 

Facilitator contact: Lisa & Louis, 401-226-4992,
Description: The first class will allow us to become more comfortable with each other and define the goals going forward. We will define community and explore what we find desirable and undesirable in our communities. There are two guest speakers who will present in the future to our group one who is an expert on using social media and another expert on nonviolence as a tool for social change. As we get to know each other it is expected that each member will facilitate a class on a topic they are passionate about.
Time & Location: We can meet at the Met School 325 Public Street on Wednesday 6-8 starting October 3 this location is easily accessible by public transport, bike or car. Directions are available upon request just send me an email and I will send you directions.
Frequency: Once a week for 2 hours for 2 months
Materials Needed: None
Policy on joining and leaving during the course: Trust is an important aspect of this class but it is ok to drop in for a topic of interest
Necessary prior knowledge / experience: None

Red Cross First Aid Response 

Facilitator Contact: Shannon, 401-323-3337,
Description: CPR, making tourniquets out of different things, what to do in case of alcohol poisoning or drug overdose, helping unconscious people, depending on how long the class is: how to assist someone in a mental crisis.
Time & Location: TBD
Frequency: It could be one or two 2 hour classes or more if necessary.
Materials Needed: None
Maximum Class Size: less than 20
Policy on joining and leaving during the course: TBD
Necessary prior knowledge / experience: None
Notes: The facilitator of this course is seeking co-facilitators with skills to offer on the topic. Course is pending collaboration with others who have this skill sets to share.

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