Resources for Class and Lesson Planning

You can use these to help plan/prepare for your class, but don’t worry if you don’t stick to it! Also, these resources for prospective teachers are meant to evolve and grow as time goes on,?

Long-term Class Planning

Ideal class size -
ie - Under 10 (small discussion group, easier to establish sense of trust and safety)
- 5-15 (workshop)
- 15+ (the facilitator's specialized knowledge isn't needed by all participants at all times)

Ideal setting:
- Meeting room— conference table, individual desks, small group seating
- Household— kitchen space, living room
- Studio space or workshop
- Outdoors— park, farm, trails
- Something different— library

- Are there any essential resources the space would need to have that couldn't be brought in each class session? ie tools or equipment (kitchen, woodworking, etc), Internet, screen or projector

- How often do classes occur? Weekly, biweekly, twice a week
- When do they happen? On a weeknight, during the weekend, morning, afternoon
- How long is each class session? Is this a strict length, or does it make more sense to have the session finish at some natural point (ie whenever participants reach a certain stage in the project)?
- How many classes will there be in this course?

What supplies will you need to teach the class? Try to list everything and sort by class session. This way you won’t start a class and realize you’re missing something crucial halfway through.
- Can you acquire these materials? Can learners bring some of them?

How will each class session/lesson be structured?
- Division of time, ways of introducing and explaning topics and concepts, activities and projects
- If possible, try to include activities on multiple scales — individual, small group, and whole class
- Are you engaging with the different ways of learning— writing, reading, seeing, hearing, speaking, etc?
- If the class runs for a longer time, what ways of energizing the group or redirecting discussion can you use?
- Remember to include time to refresh what was learned or known before and time to reflect

Planning Specific Lessons/Sessions

Lesson Topic/Title:

What skills/knowledge should participants leave with?

How does this contribute to any broader skills you hope participants will develop? (e.g. group dynamics, empowerment, ????):

Where does it make sense for the course be held?
- Meeting room— conference table, individual desks, small group seating; more neutral and not as relaxing as a home
- Household — kitchen space, living room; more relaxing, but carries more of particular people's personalities
- Studio space or workshop; very focused on particular task(s)
- Outdoors— park, farm, trails
- Something different— library

Time breakdown
- Organize this however you want! I find it useful to keep my lessons organized around as 1) Introduction, 2) Hands-on Exploration, and 3) Debrief/Reflection.