October 6, 2011

Portuguese Class starting 10/13

We're happy to announce that a "Portuguese for Rhode Island Class" is starting next week!  Taught by Ben L,  this class will introduce students to the Portuguese language and Portuguese/Kriolu speaking communities of Providence.  More info below!

Portuguese for Rhode Island, taught by Ben L

Schedule & Location: Thursdays 7-9 at Jobs with Justice (280 Broadway, 2nd floor on the right)
First class 10/13, going until mid-December

Teacher Contact: leggab@gmail.com

From the Teacher:
This course will be an introduction to Portuguese. Portuguese is one of the most important languages used in the Providence area, and this class will offer people the chance to learn basic Portuguese and also expose them to the various Portuguese (and Kriolu) speaking communities of the area. Basic language skills will be covered, with further course material developed in accordance to students' needs and interests. In addition, a focus will be given to the Azorean, Brazilian and Cape Verdean communities in the area as well as a general introduction to those cultures (history, music, food, cuisine). Students will not need materials, but I will be willing to recommend books for purchase. This class will focus on basic language skills and culture, but students with more specific language needs are encouraged to let me know so that I can try to help them. I speak and teach Brazilian Portuguese, but will be willing to teach students Azorean variants as well as these are more useful in the Portuguese-speaking community in the region. I do not speak Kriolu BUT am willing to do some very introductory discussions of it as a language and help people to get into the right direction if that is their primary interest.


  1. I talked with a guy speaking Portuguese at my garden today. I finally managed to understand that his name was Paolo, something about Cape Verde, and something about farms, I think. Maybe I'll come to this class after the Farmers' Market ends at the end of October.

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