August 10, 2011

8/4 meeting notes posted; Teachers' Info Session Monday 8/15

The Free School is coming closer and closer to being a reality! Notes from the last meeting are here.

The next step is to figure out what classes will be available this fall, and so we're excited to welcome teachers of all sorts to our Teacher Info Session on Monday 8/15 at 7pm at Libertalia (280 Broadway, 2nd floor)! Email or call 917 608 3417 for more information.

You may be interested in teaching/facilitating a class at the Free School if:
- you have a skill you want to share with others
- you're interested in exploring a topic in a study group with others
- you've ever been told "you should teach a class on this!"
- you've ever thought "I should teach a class on this!"
- you've ever said "someone should really teach a class on this!"
No professional credentials needed, just a willingness to share knowledge in an open, participatory format.

Whether you have a fully developed course syllabus or just a shadow of an idea for a class, join us at the info session. We'll also be working on course development for those interested, so bring your thoughts and we can see how they can become a class!

And lastly: You don't have to teach a class if you come to this info session, and you don't need to come to this info session to teach a class. But it will definitely be helpful and informative!

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