August 30, 2011

The Providence Free School is YOU! (But what does that really mean?)

The Providence Free School is YOU! But what does that really mean?

We are made up of the people who participate in classes, workshops, and skillshares here. Behind the scenes, a loose, informal organizing group with minimal authority has been meeting to create a vision, coordinate logistics and publicity, and push things forward. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this effort in any wayand we're excited to have you on board in any way.

We use 2 different email lists at the Providence Free School. Here's how it works:

To stay informed of all free school classes, meetings, fundraisers, and general updates, you can join our announcement email list (aka our "announce listserv"). You'll receive a small number of email updates, sent out to a list of people from the top-down only (a necessary evil / hierarchy). Joining this list is easy: just head on over to , enter your email address, click "Submit," and click the confirmation link in your inbox.

To get involved with the informal organizing group, you have to do two things: (1) start coming to the organizing meetings, and (2) join our organizing email list (aka "organize listserv"). This is a higher-volume discussion list, which all members can use to reply to all other members. To subscribe to this group, go to to read the list's guidelines, and then click "Subscribe" and follow the same confirmation instructions above.