August 19, 2011

Next organizing meeting: Saturday 8/20 at 1pm

Please join us Saturday, August 20, at 1pm at Libertalia for the next free school organizing meeting! Everyone is welcome to attend, but we ask that if you have not attended previous planning meetings, please review the notes from those meetings (linked in the left column).

this is what comes up when you google-image-search 'work party'
this comes up when you google "work party"
This should be a short, loosely structured meeting, with check-ins on progress and divvying up of tasks + responsibilities. September is quickly approaching — let's make it happen!

After this, we'll have a casual "work party" !! ( work = fun !!??? )

If you have a laptop, consider bringing it so we can work on things together & individually. Please also think of other tasks that can be done off the computer — designing brochures & flyers on paper, maybe? — and bring paper/markers/materials needed.

Potluck-style snacking is encouraged.
Contact us with questions!

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